Computer Science Instructional Facility (CSIF)

The CSIF provides desktop systems to students that will be used for projects, lecture assignments, and other work related to Computer Science courses, but the CSIF also allows independent research and projects so long as it does not adversely disrupt normal operations.

CSIF Service Catalog

Account ManagementComputing account resources

Communication & CollaborationEmail, voice, and other collaboration resources

Computers & PrintingPersonal and departmental computing needs

Network & ConnectivityWi-Fi access and connectivity

Professional ServicesTechnology-based consultative and project management resources

ResearchResearch computing services

SecurityTools and resources to protect data assets

Servers & StorageNetwork and application server software and related storage tools

Software & Administrative AppsSoftware and applications for core administrative systems

Teaching & LearningServices, equipment, and spaces for education

Web ServicesResources and tools for building campus websites