Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources (for Grant Writing)

Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources

The Department of Computer Science at University of California, Davis, maintains a research facility that encompasses 10 funded research laboratories and over 40 faculty and research offices in four buildings. The Department supports research laboratories in the areas of  algorithms and theory; artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML); computational biology and bioinformatics; computer architecture; computer graphics and visualization; computer security; computational analytics; data analysis and visualization; database and information systems; distance-learning; molecular computing, nanotechnology, networking; parallel and distributed computing; programming languages; quantum computing, society and technology, and visualization and interface design innovation. These research laboratories support a variety of Linux-based workstations. Research facilities also include personal workstations in over 40 faculty and research offices, bringing the total facility to over 350 systems.

The Department also supports a 45-workstation instructional unit for its undergraduate and graduate programs. Students may access these systems from the system console or remotely via internal/external networks.

Multiple secure computer rooms (SCR) contains departmental servers and specialized equipment. Each research laboratory may have systems, designated as servers, with a variety of other systems connected within the laboratories. The SCRs house supporting servers such as NFS, NIS, departmental backup, and mail forwarding, web servers, and more. The office research environment contains a variety of workstations served from the systems in the SCR.

The faculty, research, and administrative computing resources and networks are supported by a three-person professional staff, along with a College run Service Desk. The workstation environment is supported by a fully-integrated network infrastructure.

All connections to the computer room, offices, and labs are capable of gigabit connections across 10 gigabit or 1 gigabit backbones, depending on location and use. The campus backbone provides appropriate virtual networking so that physically separate areas of the campus appear as a single, contiguous network.

The wireless networks on campus, available throughout all buildings occupied by Computer Science, support most wireless devices (802.11 a/b/g/n) and are available to all Eduroam and UC Davis computing account holders. In addition, the UCD Guest wireless network is available to guests of the campus.

All facilities are physically located at the University of California, Davis.