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Getting Started - Essentials for Working From Home

This is a Live Document and is subject to daily changes.

If you are working from home, these are the essential things you should have or do to be successful.

Install and Test Essential Software Before you Need It

Once you are at home, it might be more difficult to install Essential Software you need for working at home. 

Remember your DUO!

DUO tokens should be taken home, more ideally you should have another device that uses DUO at home (smart phone, tablet, second token, landline phone)

Setup the COE VPN

Install, Test, then use the COE Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service when working remotely to access campus and COE resources


Watch some Zoom training and test Zoom with your office mates


Use the the UC Davis Jabber service to be able to answer your office phone or make work calls from home.

Use Box to Store Files

Store your needed documents in the UC Davis Box service.

Other Software

Install Other Essential Software before you need it

Be Secure

You may feel more safe working from home, but it's a great idea to keep your cyber-security strong.

Use a strong password anytime you are asked to make a password.

Be Cyber-Smart! -- Habits to Stay Cyber-Safe