The System Support Group (SSG) can assist you in finding the correct web services for your needs. Please see the categories below, if you don't find one that meets your needs, please see the Consultation section.

Research and Faculty Pages
For Faculty and Research use, the SSG strongly suggests using the College of Engineering's web services.

Public_html simple static web page service
The SSG provides a simple html web page service, should the COE web services not be sufficient. 

This service is usually accessed via SSH (scp available to transfer files), and is served by the same web-server as our own and some other CS research lab pages. Familiarity with SSH and html coding is needed.

This service is available to CS Faculty only. Please write with the subject line: Request for Public_html web page access

Students, Faculty, Staff
Github provides a web page service that can be used by UCD staff, faculty, and student researchers. These web pages can have custom URLs provided by the System Support Group.

For all other web page requests, please request a Web Page Consultation by writing: -- let us know what URLs you are considering, and any details you might have on what you expect your web page to provide.

Getting Started

Varies - Computer Science Staff, Faculty, and Students

Data Security

College of Engineering IT Help Phone: (530) 784-ITSM (4876)
UCD IT Express Phone: 530-754-HELP (4357)

24 hours - 7 days a week

Most services free of charge.

Technical Knowledge Base (may be restricted)