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Reserving Computer Science Meeting Rooms

COWS is the UC Davis Community Web Scheduler used to reserve Computer Science Meeting Rooms.

This system provides a new way to schedule and market events on the UC Davis campus. Departments are able to create a dedicated site with information specific to their community. Departmental administrators can create rooms, schedule events, and publish calendars. Community members are then able to view all events in a variety of mechanisms including Google Calendar, Outlook, or an interactive website. Community members can also reserve meeting spaces based on business rules developed within the department.

The Community Web Scheduler also integrates with external systems to provide a seamless experience for end-users. Departmental websites and digital signage systems can leverage the information in the Community Web Scheduler to provide an integrated system for application specific information.

Getting Started

In order to create or edit requests in COWS, you will need to log on. The Log On control is in the upper-right corner of the page. COWS will redirect you to the UC Davis CAS authentication page, which requires your campus Kerberos credentials.

For more information see: Reserving Rooms (With COWS)

Computer Science Staff and Faculty

Campus Kerberos Account

Data Security

For help with COWS within the CS department, please contact:

Secondary Contact:
College of Engineering IT Help Phone: (530) 784-ITSM (4876)

24 hours - 7 days a week

Most services free of charge.

Technical Knowledge Base (may be restricted)
None, this page lists all documentation.