Zoom Desktop Workarounds

In case your Zoom application fails, here are some workarounds.

These instructions are intended for Computer Science department use. The URL for others may be different than those used in the College of Engineering.

Use Zoom Phone Numbers to Call In to your Meeting

Each Zoom meeting comes with phone numbers you can use to phone into a meeting. You won't have video, but you can talk and hear others.

Use Zoom in your Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Chromium Edge)

A quick fix is to use your browser instead of the app. First sign in to zoom:

If you have already logged into a campus service, you may be taken directly to the web page.

Once logged in the zoom web page you can do most of the functionality the app has. If you want to click an invitation (such as one in your calendar), it will probably try to launch the application, Click Cancel:

That will leave a page that has "If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser." in tiny letters at the bottom. Click "join from your browser":

Then you are asked to type in your name (or it is filled in) and Click Join.

Other Apps on personal devices

You can also try installing zoom on a personal device, such as a phone or tablet. Use your devices app store to find and install Zoom. Sign in to the Zoom app (How to sign in: https://kb.ucdavis.edu/?id=3538).

Hopefully you won't experience a Zoom app issue, but just in case you have a couple of good workarounds.