DNS Server Change - Shutting down old CS regnant.cs.ucdavis.edu server April 14th

posted Mar 26, 2014, 5:05 PM by Ken Gribble   [ updated Apr 3, 2019, 2:21 PM ]
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A year or more ago, the Systems Support Group (SSG) announced that the Computer Science department now standardly uses the campus DNS servers when configuring systems Name to Address Resolution (DNS). The old CS server, regnant.cs.ucdavis.edu was left up and is still forwarding DNS requests to Campus.

Not for long, however!

April 14th, in the morning, regnant will be turned off.

If you haven't changed your systems DNS servers settings, you may find your network is slow or non-functional after this date. If so, here are the servers you should be using (in order from primary to secondary):

All other setting can remain the same, but regnant's IP ( should be removed from your systems settings.

For modern linux systems, you should use your GUI network configuration tools.

More than likely you already made this change, or we made it for you. We have found some systems that haven't been changed over, and have written their owners to remind them of the change.

As always, if you have issues, please contact us at: support2@cs.ucdavis.edu